Sandra Bullock : Jesse James forgives himself?

Sunday, July 3, 2011
Reading the article from AOL, I wonder how Sandra Bullock might feel about Jesse James forgiving himself for cheating on her.

It was said that Jesse James had more than one affair during his five-year marriage to the A-list actress but insists he's totally over the guilt.

And he's put all those feelings of "shame and sadness" well and truly behind him.

James declared as he speaks on US radio's Kyle and Jackie O Show,

"The media portrayed it as this huge negative thing but if anything, I got more support from everybody else, because, yes, I cheated on my wife but so do a lot of other people."

"Does that mean I'm the devil? Or that I'm Satan?" he added. "I don't think so. I made a mistake and I'm sorry for it but I owned up to it. I didn't lie or do any kind of BS."

Asked whether that meant he had forgiven himself, Jesse replied: "Oh yeah. I'm cool."


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